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What is Android?
Android is an open source and Linux-based Operating System for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies.
Features of Android
Feature Description
Beautiful UI Android OS basic screen provides a beautiful and intuitive user interface.
Connectivity GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC and WiMAX.
Storage SQLite, a lightweight relational database, is used for data storage purposes.
Media support H.263, H.264, MPEG-4 SP, AMR, AMR-WB, AAC, HE-AAC, AAC 5.1, MP3, MIDI, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP
Messaging SMS and MMS
Web browser Based on the open-source WebKit layout engine, coupled with Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine supporting HTML5 and CSS3.
Multi-touch Android has native support for multi-touch which was initially made available in handsets such as the HTC Hero.
Multi-tasking User can jump from one task to another and same time various application can run simultaneously.
Resizable widgets Widgets are resizable, so users can expand them to show more content or shrink them to save space
Multi-Language Supports single direction and bi-directional text.
GCM Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is a service that lets developers send short message data to their users on Android devices, without needing a proprietary sync solution.
Wi-Fi Direct A technology that lets apps discover and pair directly, over a high-bandwidth peer-to-peer connection.
Android Beam A popular NFC-based technology that lets users instantly share, just by touching two NFC-enabled phones together.
Android Applications
Android applications are usually developed in the Java language using the Android Software Development Kit. Once developed, Android applications can be packaged easily and sold out either through a store such as Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.The extension of android application is .apk(Android application package).
Android Applications Development
Clearly there’s a demand for Android app development, and it’s turning the platform with the lovable green mascot into more and more of a strong first choice rather than just a secondary option to iOS.
Android is an exciting space to make apps to help you communicate, organize, educate, entertain or anything else you’re passionate about.

Here are a few more reasons to learn Android:

  • You'll be plugged into the open source platform with (at the time of press) thelargest market share of smart devices worldwide.
  • Android's policies on device provisioning and app submission are more open than Apple's, meaning that once you complete your first app—as you'll do in this tutorial—you and your friends can enjoy it on your devices right away !
  • If you have experience developing for iOS, you can become well-versed in the ways that the two platforms coincide and differ (we'll discuss a few in this tutorial) and what you like about each. Then you'll have more tools at your disposal for your next mobile project.
  • It's not just the iPhone anymore. There are so many smartphones, tablets, glasses, and watches out there, coming from so many manufacturers, and they're all trying to jump into the game. You don't have to be any sort of market analyst to know that there are a few important platforms and Android is one of them.

This tutorial has been written with an aim to teach you how to develop and package Android application. We will start from environment setup for Android application programming and then drill down to look into various aspects of Android applications.

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Crociax   12:51 am , 26 Apr 16  
I didn't find the file that i want to edit , need help...maybe a little guide (i only round iOS guides, no android ones)
Crociax   12:53 am , 26 Apr 16  
Crociax   9:12 pm , 21 Apr 16  
Last question : how can I modify the data of a specific game? i this video i saw one guy that goes to modify "Clash Royal" achievements. Can I do it using your app? video link :
Icyreana   12:58 pm , 24 Apr 16  
use any root explorar...locate the file...and edit file by any text editor
Crociax   11:33 am , 21 Apr 16  
thanks. I'm downloading it. I already subscrived at the channel and to your guides. Thanks another time :3
Crociax   3:31 pm , 20 Apr 16  
Hey, icy, how I'm only waiting you for the app download. Thanks a lot! :3
Icyreana   8:18 am , 21 Apr 16  
I have already sent you.Have you got it ?
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