How to change hard disk drive icon
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Hard Drive can be partitioned into many categories like Software,Audios,Video,Movies etc.Every drive of Hard Disk has a default drive icon.But we can change it by some tricks and for that there is no need any software.This article will help you to change your Hard disk drive icon.


How to change hard disk drive icon
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Click on drive that's icon you want to change.Make a file AUTORUN.INF and Keep an image with .ico extention.
  • Suppose,We want to change icon of F: drive.We have a image image.ico
  • Click start menu >> All programmes >> Notepad or You may use any text editor.
  • Copy following codes and paste in Notepad.
How to change hard disk drive icon
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Now save it as 'AUTORUN.INF'.
  • Click on File >> Save as
  • Change Save as type to All files.
  • Give file name to AUTORUN.INF
  • Click on save button.Remember that the file must be saved in F: Location
  • Restart your PC to see the effect.


  • There are many online image converter that can be used to convert your image to .ico format.You may search on google or Click here
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